Microneedling Devices: Getting to the Point on Benefits, Risks and Safety


microneedling devices

Being pricked by tiny needles could sound like a wierd solution to make your pores and skin look higher, however that’s the idea behind a skincare approach known as microneedling. Individuals are utilizing microneedling in a wide range of methods from lowering scarring, to treating nice strains and wrinkles. It is very important concentrate on the dangers in addition to advantages related to microneedling devices.


If you’re fascinated by having a microneedling process, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration recommends you select a well being care supplier who’s specifically skilled in microneedling. Discuss with the supplier to find out in case you are candidate for microneedling—not everyone seems to be.  Focus on the advantages and dangers, together with the danger of an infection if the microneedling instruments aren’t cleaned or used correctly.

What are microneedling merchandise and the way are they used?

Whereas there are a number of sorts of microneedling merchandise, all of them have a key characteristic—they comprise plenty of small, skinny needles. The needles could also be:

  • Fitted onto a cylinder and rolled throughout the pores and skin (often called a dermal curler)
  • Connected to a flat floor and stamped into the pores and skin
  • Organized in a sample on the tip of a pen-shaped instrument

Some merchandise have needles which can be so quick they solely contact the topmost layer of the pores and skin, which is especially dry, lifeless pores and skin. Different merchandise have longer needles that penetrate the pores and skin and attain deeper layers which have residing cells, nerves, and blood vessels.

The merchandise could also be guide, that means they’re operated by hand, or they could have a motor that strikes the needles.

Are all microneedling merchandise thought-about medical gadgets which can be regulated by the FDA?

The FDA regulates microneedling merchandise which can be medical gadgets to ensure they’re secure and work as claimed. Not all microneedling merchandise are medical gadgets.

Microneedling merchandise which can be medical gadgets

The FDA has cleared microneedling gadgets to be used as a remedy to enhance the looks of facial pimples scars, facial wrinkles, and belly scars in sufferers aged 22 years or older.

Many of the cleared gadgets are pen-shaped, motorized and penetrate the pores and skin in an effort to change the construction or operate of the tissue under. As a result of these gadgets could attain nerves, blood vessels and different elements of the pores and skin, the FDA recommends you go to a well being care supplier with particular coaching in microneedling.

The FDA has not licensed any microneedling medical gadgets for over-the-counter sale.

Microneedling merchandise which can be NOT medical gadgets

Usually, if a microneedling product doesn’t have longer needles or sharp needles that penetrate the pores and skin and solely claims to facilitate exfoliation of the pores and skin or enhance the looks of pores and skin, it could not be a medical system regulated by the FDA. A dermal curler with quick, blunt needles that solely claims to assist take away lifeless pores and skin and clean and brighten your pores and skin can be an instance. These merchandise are extra generally bought to be used at house.

What are the advantages of microneedling gadgets?

The FDA has cleared microneedling gadgets to be used on men and women aged 22 and older as a remedy to enhance the looks of:

  • Zits scars on the face
  • Wrinkles across the eyes and different elements of the face and neck
  • Surgical scars on the stomach

What are the dangers related to microneedling gadgets?

Any microneedling system has the potential to trigger uncomfortable side effects that final a short while or a very long time.

Pores and skin injury is a danger that generally happens with microneedling gadgets. The injury could embrace bleeding, bruising, redness, tightness, itching and peeling, and these sometimes go away with none remedy after a number of days or perhaps weeks.

Much less widespread dangers embrace stinging or itching when cosmetics or different skincare merchandise resembling moisturizers and sunscreen are utilized, darkish or mild spots on the pores and skin, strains on the face, a flareup of chilly sores, swollen lymph nodes, and an infection.

Remember, microneedling could not all the time outcome within the desired aesthetic final result and it could take multiple process to get the outcomes you’re looking for. As well as, any enchancment in look could also be non permanent and upkeep could require extra procedures over time.

The FDA’s internet part on microneedling gadgets has extra data on risks.

What security suggestions ought to I do know earlier than microneedling?

Microneedling isn’t appropriate for everybody, so it’s vital to speak with a well being care supplier. Remember:

  • Numbing remedy (topical anesthesia) is often utilized to the pores and skin earlier than the process to assist scale back ache throughout microneedling.  Inform your supplier when you have any allergy symptoms or sensitivities to numbing drugs.  
  • Microneedling may cause bleeding so it will not be appropriate for individuals with clotting or bleeding issues, or who take medication to skinny their blood. 
  • You might wish to keep away from microneedling when you have circumstances that have an effect on your pores and skin, resembling eczema or diabetes, or when you have a weakened immune system.
  • Ask your well being care supplier how the microneedling system is cleaned between sufferers.  Microneedling gadgets which have reusable elements ought to be cleaned and disinfected in keeping with the system directions. 
  • Ask your well being care supplier if a brand new needle cartridge is used for every affected person and for every remedy session with the identical affected person. Re-using cartridges may cause or unfold an infection. 
  • Ask your well being care supplier find out how to care on your pores and skin after the process, as your pores and skin could also be extra delicate to the solar and to skincare merchandise like sunscreen, make-up, and moisturizers, particularly merchandise that comprise retinol, glycolic acid, menthol, capsaicin or alcohol.  
  • If in case you have a microneedling product for house use, clear it between makes use of as directed by the producer.  Don’t share these merchandise with different individuals to keep away from attainable an infection or spreading illness.

What else ought to I learn about microneedling?

The FDA has cleared gadgets with microneedles that ship radiofrequency (RF) power (warmth) for the remedy of facial wrinkles and different remedies. There are totally different dangers with RF microneedling gadgets, as they work in another way.

You could have heard about microneedling getting used to fight hair loss. Whereas medical research could also be occurring, the FDA has not cleared any microneedling gadgets for this use.

You might concentrate on microneedling merchandise used together with lotions, ointments, different medicine or cosmetics, or platelet-rich plasma. The FDA has not cleared any microneedling gadgets to be used with one other product, which implies the FDA hasn’t reviewed the security or effectiveness of mixing microneedling gadgets with different merchandise. The FDA’s internet part on microneedling gadgets has extra data on suggestions for patients and health care providers.

Extra data

If in case you have skilled an issue or harm you suppose could also be associated to a microneedling product, you possibly can report it by means of the FDA’s MedWatch program.

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